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Help African communities support them selves

With this support you help people work together to grow as a community.

And get the basic necessities they need – long term.

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Trees Grown

Liters per day of water distributed

Our purpose is clear:

Resolve the root-cause of energy, food, and water scarsity.

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Why Now?

Homa Bay is a rural community in Kenya which is at-risk with water, food, and energy insecurity. In response to these risks, Kotieno Community Project was founded in 2021 by a local group to resolve the root-cause of the water, food, and energy insecurity in Homa Bay.

Kotieno Community Project aims to create a positive feedback loop to eradicates poverty, promote environmental regeneration, and heal malnutrition. Since founding, the project has created an organic farm that provides fresh fruits and vegetables to volunteers, and tree nursery with over 1,000 trees that support the ecosystem.